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Sunday, July 12, 2015

How To Add Interactive Charts In Your Microsoft Sway

Microsoft has added ‘interactive charts to its new online presentation tool Sway. Unlike in Excel, you can show/hide particular bars in a graph simply by clicking the relevant bar header above it. 

Go to, click ‘Sign in’ and log in with your Microsoft (Hotmail or Outlook) account. Now click My Sway at the top right. Click to select the presentation (or sway) you want to add an interactive chart to, or click ‘Create New’ to create a new one. To add a chart, click the new ‘Chart (Preview)’ option at the bottom of the left column.

Now click the ‘click here’ link within the chart section in your sway. Next, click ‘Welcome to Interactive Charts’ and you'll see a dummy graph containing two bars ‘sales’ (blue) and ‘proļ¬ts’ (orange). To create your own graph, click the data icon (middle icon at the top right). You'll see a table of cells. Double-click any cell to type. Add your bar headers in the top row and their values in the columns below. Next, click the small green arrow at the top left to see the values on an interactive chart (see screenshot below). top right, then select Tight (see screenshot above). You’ll now be able click and drag the image to wherever you want in your document.



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